Payroo Free Online UK Payroll System
In the current economic climate it's good practice to review your expenditures, looking to reduce costs. Here at Selvatico we had been using Sage Instant Payroll for over 12 years, and it was a great piece of software. The purchase price of the software was around £80, but the annual maintenance charge was around the £100 mark.

Now to my mind that was too much, I felt we were not getting value for money. So, near the end of the last payroll year we started looking for an alternative, and we found a much more cost effective solution:

Payroo is online payroll software, which is HMRC listed, and for small businesses it's free!
If you have 10 or more employees there is a £3 end of year filing charge, per employee. Below 10 and there is no charge!

But, what is it like to use?
The vast majority of the system is straightforward and logical to use. Entering employees and payments is easy, and payslip printing is via a PDF, so normal A4 can be used.

The only niggle we have is reporting menus are somewhat confusing, it can be difficult to locate the exact report you require. It's probably just a matter of getting use to the layout and naming.

Overall I'd give Payroo 9/10, for us the reporting menus just take the edge off a great offering.
Plus, we get to save £100 per year in payroll maintenance charges!
Free online payroll system

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