Devolo dLAN 200 AV Wireless N
Devolo - dLAN 200 AV Wireless N Extender
Extend your network to the rooms you need it most!

Banish your Wi-Fi Woes - Devolo dLAN 200 AV Wireless N Extender

We all rely on our networks to link to our devices and the Internet.
But what if your Wi-Fi signal is less that reliable?
Distance and internal walls can all limit seriously Wi-Fi performace.

So what can we do?

It is possible to extend your network and Wi-Fi using "network over power" systems.
Basically, your network is extended over the mains electrical wiring, using special plug adapters.
We have been using adapters from Devolo for many years and they have been ultra reliable.

They are very simple to install, plug one into mains socket and your router and the other in the room you required the hetwork. As if by magic the remote computer will have a rock solid network connection.

The network connection is available on all mains sockets in the house, and the signals do not pass beyond the electical distribution box. Devolo claim a range of 300m with in the buildings wiring, more than enough for most applications.

One for the best Devolo products is a purpose built wireless extender and network hub.
The image below show how the Devolos link the router to the remote destination.
You can get these from Amazon:

Simple and Stylish Hardware
The larger unit has wireless N and 3 network ports!
Network where you need it.
Put your Wi-Fi in the heart of your home.
Impressions and advice.
The Devolo dLAN can almost be seen as a "silver bullet" for a great many home networks.
Simple to use, it literally is "plug and play".

Now all hardware has its limitations, so what are the Devolo's?
1. The signal doesn't seem to pass over a "breaker box", so an garden office will probably not receive the network.
(It depends on the physical wiring.)
2. The units perform better if they are plugged directly into the wall. It will work on an extension lead, but the data throughput drops.
3. The Devolo WILL work on 3 phase mains, we have installed the units across phases and the system worked.

We used the standard Devolo dLAN 200 for 2 or 3 years and it provided near faultless service.
It will handle normal Internet web page traffic and video streaming up to 3 Mbps with ease, but struggles with high bandwidths. The new Devolo dLAN 500 would be more suitable for that type of application.

The Devolo would sit perfectly behind the modern AV cinema TV, with streaming web TV, games consoles, laptops and phones. One network unit to link it all to the Internet!

We highly recommend this unit, it is purpose built for the modern Internet connected household!
5 Star hardware!!

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