Windows Slowing Down

Windows slowing down, time for a new PC? Maybe Not!

Over the past year or so many customers have commented that their Windows PCs are running slower and slower. They were contemplating buying new PCs, but a quick look revealed all that was required was more memory.

Now for the less technical, PC memory has nothing to do with how many photos or videos you have on you machine, PC memory is used by the machine to run it's programs. A few years ago 512MB of memory would be more than enough for most home users. It would seem that Mr Gates and Microsoft have been moving the goal posts and 512MB is not longer enough.

The more cynical amongst us might consider this a ploy by Microsoft to sell more copies of their latest operating system. It's hard to say for sure what is happening, as it's buried deep inside Windows, but it does seem to happen once a new OS is available.

Do not despair, a memory upgrade is normally a painless operation, we recommend raising your memory to 2GB (2000MB). All of the customers we have upgraded have seen instant speed improvements, and more importantly their PCs did not slow down as they ran more programs.

Another way to keep your PC running quickly is to not run any unnecessary programs. Take a look in you Sys Tray, those small icons near the time on the Start bar, and look for any programs you don't need. For example, if you don't use MSN Messenger then change it's options to stop it running all the time.

If you need any advice with PCs just give Selvatico a ring.

Windows Slowing Down???
Don't give up hope!

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