Selvatico offers a wide range of services to its customers, from simple advice on buying a PC or router to designing large web site and database systems. We offer genuine and impartial advice, and if we're not sure, we have a network of contacts that have been in computing since modern computing started.

Our primary business areas are:
Web Site Hosting
Web Site Hosting
As part of our growing web design business we realised that we needed a stable and controllable hosting platform, the only way to do that was to have our own services, so that's what we did.

We provide cost effective and reliable web site and email hosting services. A number of products are available, from business to personal use. We price our products in the mid-range of the market, but we provide personal support that cannot be matched by the offshore server farms. As a customer you will be given the mobile phone number of our chief support engineer, making support requests just a call away.

We use the same hosting for our sites as our customers, so if there's a problem there's a good chance we've already started looking at it.

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Web Site Design
We have developed a wide range of web sites, from small single page sites to huge online shops. We always work closely with our customers trying to given then the web site they want at the right price.

We always say that you cannot produce a web site that pleases everyone, so build one that you, the customer, are happy with. We can help you get the most from your web site, our ethos is one of simplicity. A web site should be easy to navigate and directly communicate your message the the World Wide Web customers. We like web sites that are elegant and minimalist, our sites are build to display on many different browsers including the latest mobile devices like the iPhone and Windows Mobile phones.

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Web Site Design
Database Creation
Database Creation
We have spend many years developing databases, large and small. Almost all businesses have databases, lists of customers, products or sales. Selvatico can help you to manage your data and get meaningful management information.

We have experience in MySQL, SQL Server, Microsoft Access and DB2.

Whether it's creating an new database or expanding on existing data, Selvatico can help you make the changes.

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Bespoke Programs
Now you would imagine that in this age of computing that every program a company could need is simply a "Buy Now" click away on the Internet. Now that is true for the general programs, but what if you want your company to have an edge over your competitors?

If you have an idea that doesn't fit "in the box", then there's a good chance you'll need custom software to manage and help you keep your edge. Selvatico can analyse, design and code your bespoke programs.

We have developed everything from highly specialised web pages to GPS logging and mapping programs.
Contact Selvatico and we can help you with you custom requirements.

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Bespoke Programs
Stock Images
Stock Images
As part of our web site development we are often asked to take photographs for the web site.
A logical extension to this was to start offering our images as royalty free stock image.
To view our portfolio:

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Product Photography
As part of our photographic portfolio we can provide high quality product photography.
Product photography is useful partner to any online shop. The quality of the product images helps prospective customers to choose your product online.

Never underestimate the impact that high quality images can make.
When we are commissioned to take product images all copyright is given to the customer, Selvatico retains no copyright.

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Product Photography

Web design and web hosting for businesses and individuals in Derby and Derbyshire

Tel: 020 8133 1196

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